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The Pearl Café Ranked #1 on Prince Edward Island

The Pearl Café has been named the best restaurant on Canada’s Prince Edward Island by the Guardian newspaper. “Bringing a remarkable level of culinary creativity to The Pearl’s magical hospitality has created an absolutely superb restaurant. I honestly feel it’s a clear No. 1 in the province this summer,” said restaurant reviewer Bob Gray. The […]

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Eating In Queens

When you say to someone who lives in New York City “I live in Queens”, the expression on their face does not read; “wow, that is so cool!”  The common perception is that Queens is the working class, family oriented borough of foreigners; which is exactly what makes it such a great place to eat.  Queens, […]

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Woody Guthrie Had It Right

Long ago the famous folksinger Woody Guthrie described America as a pasture of plenty. It’s a wonderful expression and while it certainly includes farms and fields, there’s more to it. It’s about the idea that we have a common bond, that everyone is part of something, that we have a society which is inclusive and […]

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The Best of Bermuda

Is Bermuda on the road? Not quite, but it’s closer to the East Coast than Phoenix or Denver and has more water to boot. If you go to Bermuda the #1 place to see is the famous Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) in Hamilton. A world-class museum in terms of collections and design, it offers […]

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Places We’ve Been

Staring in May 2010 we began a tour of the United States, Canada and Europe in an effort to find new cuisines, tastes, places and people. Everywhere we went we found much to enjoy and what could possibly be better than traveling together, seeking out great places and food? This trip has really opened our […]

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