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A&B wedding Nov. 9th 2014

Amanda and I were engaged September 19, 2013.  After some deliberation we decided to have our wedding in New Orleans.  During a meeting at a favorite bar Cane and Table, Amanda and I sketched out our wedding plans.  The venue would be the Benachai house, a big old Antebellum mansion of  Esplanade Avenue, the date […]

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Our First Tapa-The Original Pincho

Our first Tapa, according to the locals of San Sebastian Spain was the first original prototype for all other tapas to follow.   It helped to create a new way to dine-the culture of standing and snacking while drinking and meeting with friends and loved ones.  This is a tradition that is alive and well today. […]

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Paris Unplanned

All we had was an address. No phone, no GPS not even directions to where we were going. Amanda and I were planning to spend two months in Europe.  We had booked flights in and out of Paris.  Our only obligation was to be in Florence in March 1st, otherwise we had no plans-just an […]

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The past 4 years…

Wow, since we last updated Chefs on the Road we have traveled to Europe; helped make The Pearl Cafe in North Rustico on Prince Edwards Island into the best restaurant in the Province; plus, we moved to New Orleans where we spent four years training, learning all things pig, helping to earn James Beard Awards, got […]

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Livermore…Not Less

Did you know that great wines are made in the California’s Livermore valley?  Everyone knows about the great wines produced in Napa and Sonoma, but Livermore?  Maybe not! Livermore valley is close to Napa and Sonoma, about an hour’s drive south toward San Jose, but it is a world apart from the flashiness and fanfare […]

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Chinatowns from East Coast to West

Amanda and I are always thrilled to explore and eat in the Chinatown of any city, but there is nothing to compare to the excitement, energy, and abundance of great food that can be found in the Chinatowns of New York City and San Francisco. In New York, Manhattan’s bustling Chinatown is packed with in-your-face […]

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Driving the California Coast

After running the gauntlet of the deadly LA traffic we turned our car into highway 1 to begin one of the most beautiful drives of our trip.  The coastal California highway took us through Santa Barbra where we stopped for a great SoCal lunch.  This drive also offered gorgeous views of the Channel Islands National […]

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Savoring San Diego

Finally we made it to the west coast!  Amanda and I drove west through western Arizona over desert, rocky hills, and giant man made rivers that flowed parallel to the highway.  Storm clouds were ignited by a fiery pacific sunset as we passed through one last, giant mountain range that delivered us into the warm […]

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Holiday Feastivities

Amanda and I spent this holiday in Ohio, and we weren’t the only ones!  My parents had a total of 12 adults and 1 baby over for the holidays, and we were there to have a great time and help cook several meals for all. Family and food are the two main factors when it […]

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Fry Bread And How It Came To Be

Fry bread is cooked and eaten by many Native American tribes all over the western United States.  Recipes for fry bread vary from tribe to tribe and is served with many different accompaniments, including chile beans or topped with taco ingredients for a “Navajo Taco.”  Fry bread is also eaten as a dessert with jam, […]

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