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Our First Tapa-The Original Pincho

Our first Tapa, according to the locals of San Sebastian Spain was the first original prototype for all other tapas to follow.   It helped to create a new way to dine-the culture of standing and snacking while drinking and meeting with friends and loved ones.  This is a tradition that is alive and well today. […]

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Fry Bread And How It Came To Be

Fry bread is cooked and eaten by many Native American tribes all over the western United States.  Recipes for fry bread vary from tribe to tribe and is served with many different accompaniments, including chile beans or topped with taco ingredients for a “Navajo Taco.”  Fry bread is also eaten as a dessert with jam, […]

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Getting Acquainted with Albuquerque

Albuquerque we found to be a big city with a friendly feel. We went into the area already with a list of places to eat, provided to us by our friend Jen Eden, who grew up in Albuquerque. Though we couldn’t eat at them all, we did make it to a local pizza chain call […]

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Sumptuous Santa Fe

Red and green chilies, blue corn tortillas, pink adobe—Santa Fe New Mexico is a very colorful place.  This town is packed with local art, culture, and flavor to match.  Our stay in this mountain art city began to pique our curiosity for southwestern art and flavor, and satisfied our long-standing craving for hot and heady […]

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Big Bar-B-Q in Hill Country

Everything is bigger in Texas.  This, of course, includes flavor! While driving through Texas we made a stop at Hard Eight Pit Bar-B-Q to get our first taste of real Texas ‘que.  We dined with the locals and had an experience that can only truly be found in the Texas Hill Country. We had tried […]

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Texas Offers a Fresh Look at Tex-Mex

It’s hard to get real Mexican food most palaces in the United States.  In fact, many Americans would be surprised to hear that the cheesy burrito fare that is served by Mexican restaurants across the country not real Mexican food at all!  Most of the Mexican food served in the U.S. would be considered Tex-Mex. […]

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Memphis: Now Serving Hospitality

Memphis, Tennessee may be full of the blues but its uplifting deliveries of hospitality stole the show. At Huey’s restaurant and Spaghetti Warehouse we received care and enthusiasm from the wait staff that many restaurants are missing. When we find hospitality gems like these I like to share them because even though the food is […]

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Hits and Misses on the Mississippi

We often relay on locals we meet options and tips when making our dinning chooses. Always asking for local specialties and where we would find them eating on their lunch hour, we want to get a true taste for the area. Some time this works out really well,, other times, well we miss the ball […]

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What’s a Po’ Boy to Do?

The city of New Orleans has a lot of incredible food, but if there is one dish that feeds the Crescent City it has to be the Po’ Boy sandwich.  The Po’ Boy sandwich also travels further than the rest of New Orleans’ world-famous cuisine and can be commonly found all over the United States–especially […]

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Southern Doughnut Breakfast

Not much can beat a warm, freshly made doughnut in the morning. Deliciously sweet, fried dough isn’t the healthiest of  breakfast, but I think every now and then, there is a special place for eating doughnuts and it can be well worth the calories. Whether enjoying the famous French beignets at Café DuMonde or American […]

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