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Holiday Feastivities

Amanda and I spent this holiday in Ohio, and we weren’t the only ones!  My parents had a total of 12 adults and 1 baby over for the holidays, and we were there to have a great time and help cook several meals for all. Family and food are the two main factors when it […]

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Turkey Day with Chicken!

We like turkey.  In fact, we like it a lot.  Amanda and I eat turkey regularly throughout the year in the form of grilled or breaded cutlets, tacos, soup, enchiladas with mole, and Amanda’s favorite—turkey burgers!  This being said, a whole turkey yields a lot of meat and although we love Thanksgiving leftovers, when it […]

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It Starts Young, Cooking With Kids

During our stay in Chapel Hill, North Carolina Brian and I offered to make dinner. When my young cousin Sofia, 5, and younger brother Jackson,2, announced that she wanted to help Brian and I make dinner for her family we immediately accepted the help and got a stool! I was always welcomed as a child to […]

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The Art of Mole Rojo

Brian demonstrated his art of mole rojo (red mole) for my family last week when we were in Maryland. He had only first shared his gift for making the traditional Mexican sauce with me for the first time about a year ago! I had never known Mexican cuisine to be like the rich sauce he […]

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What the Kreplah!

Warm steam rises from a shallow bowl full of a rich, yellow broth seeded with orange carrots, green celery, white turnips, and chunks of tender chicken. The smell of rich chicken flavor flows into our noses as my family and I sit at my Aunt Polly’s dinner table during our Rosh Hashanah dinner. We have […]

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Lasagna, Hold the Meat

My sister Megan in Indianapolis, Indiana has been a vegetarian since we were young.  As children, my mother and father were very supportive of this decision and cooked a veggie version of whatever we were having for dinner that evening.  When staying with Megan and her husband Ben, Amanda and I decided to make vegetarian […]

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A Family Meal

When vacationing on Lake Leelanau in Michigan, Brian and I had a great time.  With wonderful views of amazing lakes and great food who wouldn’t?  With the Kaderavek family, one always eats well. With Brian’s brother-in-law, Ben, and his Dad, Dave, also being great cooks, it was fun to cook together. We had one special […]

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A Familiar Dish, With a Local Twist!

During our family vacation on the Leelanau Peninsula of Michigan, our family took turns cooking.  When it was our turn to cook, Amanda and I decided to make a fresh, summer version of tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches using only local ingredients. We had a beautiful loaf of sourdough bread from our trip to […]

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An Ode to Prince Edward Island

For our final meal on Prince Edward Island we decided to pay tribute to some of the island’s amazing ingredients.  Simple potatoes are elevated by creating fluffy pillows of gnocchi.  In another dish, potatoes become infused with the heady aroma of seared island lamb steaks marinated with wild lavender.  In our version of summer succotash, […]

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Happy Harbor

Driving North up the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan, after passing a giant thermometer which shows the level of accumulated snowfall of the previous year, there is a stretch of highway where the trees create a canopy overhead like a covered bridge and the golden evening sunlight paints streaks on their shadows.  Speeding over the curving, […]

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