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Preserving Summer

Farmer’s markets have gained a lot of popularity and have been popping up everywhere, it seems, over the past ten years or so. People can now get farm fresh fruits, meats, and vegetables in big cities or in the suburbs. While in New York City we tried to take advantage of the markets when ever […]

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Father-Son Grill Team

During our stay in Michigan, we had two fantastic dinners cooked on the grill.  The first meal emerged from the heat of our Uncle Lawry’s grill in Ann Arbor and the second meal came from his son (our cousin) Johnny’s grill in Detroit.  We enjoyed spending some quality back-porch time with these two accomplished grillers […]

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Progressive Town, Progressive Food

For as long a I can remember the food scene in Ann Arbor, Michigan has been grounded in hippy health-food culture.  Vegetarian, vegan, health-conscious, and organic foods abound in co-ops and eateries all over town. One well-established restaurant that exemplifies conscientious consumption of food  is The Earthen Jar–a vegetarian Indian buffet. More recently, Ann Arbor’s […]

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Zingermans is Much More Then a Deli

Our Aunt Lynn and Uncle Lawry made sure we saw what makes Ann Arbor, Michigan such a special place. Our visit to Zingerman’s really stood out. Zingerman’s is a part of the Ann Arbor community and it was fascinating to learn about their business philosophies and delicious products. For the past twenty-eight years Zingerman’s has been […]

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