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Big Bar-B-Q in Hill Country

Everything is bigger in Texas.  This, of course, includes flavor! While driving through Texas we made a stop at Hard Eight Pit Bar-B-Q to get our first taste of real Texas ‘que.  We dined with the locals and had an experience that can only truly be found in the Texas Hill Country. We had tried […]

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Turkey Day with Chicken!

We like turkey.  In fact, we like it a lot.  Amanda and I eat turkey regularly throughout the year in the form of grilled or breaded cutlets, tacos, soup, enchiladas with mole, and Amanda’s favorite—turkey burgers!  This being said, a whole turkey yields a lot of meat and although we love Thanksgiving leftovers, when it […]

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What the Kreplah!

Warm steam rises from a shallow bowl full of a rich, yellow broth seeded with orange carrots, green celery, white turnips, and chunks of tender chicken. The smell of rich chicken flavor flows into our noses as my family and I sit at my Aunt Polly’s dinner table during our Rosh Hashanah dinner. We have […]

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Progressive Town, Progressive Food

For as long a I can remember the food scene in Ann Arbor, Michigan has been grounded in hippy health-food culture.  Vegetarian, vegan, health-conscious, and organic foods abound in co-ops and eateries all over town. One well-established restaurant that exemplifies conscientious consumption of food  is The Earthen Jar–a vegetarian Indian buffet. More recently, Ann Arbor’s […]

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Thrills in Hocking Hills

Being an Eagle Scout, I have had some truly wondrous encounters with nature, as well as many experiences with camp food, not all of which have been great!  On long hiking or canoeing trips  into remote locations  the scenes of nature could be stunning, but the freeze dried food left my friends and I dreaming […]

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Central is “Capital”

Every now and then you stumble into an experience you couldn’t have expected. When we were in Washington D.C. this past week visiting my family we had a bunch of great meals. A Belgium place with my Aunt Polly in Virginia to just outstanding meals cooked at home. A day trip to the city happened […]

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