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Father-Son Grill Team

During our stay in Michigan, we had two fantastic dinners cooked on the grill.  The first meal emerged from the heat of our Uncle Lawry’s grill in Ann Arbor and the second meal came from his son (our cousin) Johnny’s grill in Detroit.  We enjoyed spending some quality back-porch time with these two accomplished grillers […]

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Down-Home Hibachi

A down-home hibachi is not really a hibachi at all.  It is actually a Weber Grill without any legs that is propped up on cinder blocks in the backyard.  Uncle Mike from Saluda, North Carolina proclaimed that his beloved old grill was a hibachi when the legs fell off, lowering it significantly to the ground. […]

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The Backyard in Columbus

Having a home-cooked meal on the road can be a treat. While visiting Aunt Susie and Uncle John in Columbus, Ohio Brian and I were able to cook for them. We took advantage of the sunshine and used the backyard to grill up a great meal together. Sharing food and a dining experience with friends […]

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