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The Devil and Hot Tamales

“Hot Tamales and they’re red hot, yes she got‘em for sale.”  These are the opening lyrics of Mississippi blues man Robert Johnson’s song They’re Red Hot. Though Johnson’s suggestive lyrics are referring to his appetite for something other than food, his reference to hot tamales is a tribute to the deep history and prominent place […]

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Hits and Misses on the Mississippi

We often relay on locals we meet options and tips when making our dinning chooses. Always asking for local specialties and where we would find them eating on their lunch hour, we want to get a true taste for the area. Some time this works out really well,, other times, well we miss the ball […]

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Southern Doughnut Breakfast

Not much can beat a warm, freshly made doughnut in the morning. Deliciously sweet, fried dough isn’t the healthiest of  breakfast, but I think every now and then, there is a special place for eating doughnuts and it can be well worth the calories. Whether enjoying the famous French beignets at Café DuMonde or American […]

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