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What’s a Po’ Boy to Do?

The city of New Orleans has a lot of incredible food, but if there is one dish that feeds the Crescent City it has to be the Po’ Boy sandwich.  The Po’ Boy sandwich also travels further than the rest of New Orleans’ world-famous cuisine and can be commonly found all over the United States–especially […]

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Southern Doughnut Breakfast

Not much can beat a warm, freshly made doughnut in the morning. Deliciously sweet, fried dough isn’t the healthiest of  breakfast, but I think every now and then, there is a special place for eating doughnuts and it can be well worth the calories. Whether enjoying the famous French beignets at Café DuMonde or American […]

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Brunch With the Commander

It was early on a Saturday afternoon and we were walking through New Orleans’ Garden District admiring the grand old mansions there.  We strolled alongside the high wall of an old New Orleans cemetery.  Overhead an array of plastic beads from many Mardi Gras past hung forlornly in the trees. As we turned the corner […]

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Vietnamese in New Orleans

I have always heard about the wonderful food in New Orleans: oysters, gumbo, jambalaya, and beignets, but not about the abundance of delicious Vietnamese food. It was Brian who read in the New York Times dinning section about the outstanding Vietnamese food in the area. Thankfully the article In New Orleans, the Taste of a […]

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First Stop in New Orleans, Cafe Du Monde

Just about everyone who visits New Orleans, Louisiana goes to Café Du Monde.  Café Du Monde is New Orleans breakfast institution that is known for serving two delightful and addictive local favorites–beignets and chicory coffee.  Breakfast can happen anytime in New Orleans because Café Du Monde is open 24 hours! The first thing to do […]

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A New Orleans Night–Blues and Grilled Oysters

Sweet smells of coffee and chicory, the salty tang of fresh seafood, the thick aroma of fried food, crowded streets that never rest, sounds of horns blasting from street corners, and smooth music flowing from restaurants, bars, and parks–its New Orleans! Instantly Brian and I were enchanted. Some local musician we met during our lunch […]

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