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Chinatowns from East Coast to West

Amanda and I are always thrilled to explore and eat in the Chinatown of any city, but there is nothing to compare to the excitement, energy, and abundance of great food that can be found in the Chinatowns of New York City and San Francisco. In New York, Manhattan’s bustling Chinatown is packed with in-your-face […]

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More Then a Waterfall

Growing up we learned about Niagara Falls in school, though I mostly remember the stories of people going over the falls in a barrel.  When Brian suggested that we visit Niagara Falls en route to Michigan, I was excited to finally see this magnificent sight I have heard so much about. We stayed at Four […]

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What Makes Up Montreal

On our way through Canada to get to Maine we were able to spend some time in Montreal. We only had one day there, so we decided to explore some of the local food scene, visiting a locally beloved bagel shop and the large markets of Petite Italy. We made our way up the hillside […]

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Sensory Pho

Smell the scent of freshly plucked Thai basil, the rich beefy aroma of the gently spiced broth; hear the slurping of noodles and crunching of a crispy spring roll. Eating pho and Vietnamese spring rolls has a ritual surrounding it, elements of seasoning and cooking at the table, and a variety of flavor, texture, and […]

1Jun2010 | | 3 comments | Continued
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WD-50: More than Molecular

Molecular gastronomy is the term commonly used to describe the food at WD-50 and other restaurants who use cutting edge techniques and ingredients combined with creative ideas to achieve flavors and textures of food that would otherwise not be possible. WD-50 in New York City is undoubtedly a leader in this field, but, during our […]

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Red, White, and Blue Hill

Blue Hill, for me, began in my imagination. I was finishing school at CIA, it was summertime, and the Hudson Valley was at the height of it’s splendor. Cool breezes brushed the tall grasses sent ripples off the river which would shimmer brilliantly in the late afternoon sun. I was in love with the place and […]

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Da Bomb!

Bridge and tunnel cops, firemen, paramedics, workers from the  industrial area that borders north Astoria in Queens, New York: do want to eat what these guys eat for lunch every day?  If the answer is yes, than the Sandwich King of Astoria is the place for you!  Maybe it’s because the guy ahead of you is […]

10Apr2010 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Good Morning Astoria

Living in New York City can be a rush. There is always something to do and some where to be.  It can be hard to remember that I am young and here to experience something new. Living in Astoria, Queens helps me slow down and enjoy what my area has to offer, not just get all caught up […]

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Eating In Queens

When you say to someone who lives in New York City “I live in Queens”, the expression on their face does not read; “wow, that is so cool!”  The common perception is that Queens is the working class, family oriented borough of foreigners; which is exactly what makes it such a great place to eat.  Queens, […]

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