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Southern Doughnut Breakfast

Not much can beat a warm, freshly made doughnut in the morning. Deliciously sweet, fried dough isn’t the healthiest of  breakfast, but I think every now and then, there is a special place for eating doughnuts and it can be well worth the calories. Whether enjoying the famous French beignets at Café DuMonde or American […]

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Mint Condition: Outstanding Indian Food in Chapel Hill

In New York I was introduced to Indian food while working at the wonderful restaurant Tabla. When visiting the famed “curry row” in mid-town Manhattan or in Queens at the epicenter of all things Indian in Jackson Heights I had no trouble falling for this enchanting cuisine. My uncle Wes in Chapel Hill, North Carolina […]

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The Pit – Right on “Que”

Amanda and I were first introduced to The Pit restaurant’s eastern North Carolina style barbeque two years ago at New York City’s Big Apple Barbeque Festival in Madison Square Park.  After tasting The Pit’s memorable chopped pork sandwiches from their street setup in New York City we made sure to stop at The Pit’s permanent […]

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Life at The Lake

We spent a week’s vacation on the Leelanau Peninsula in Michigan. Two years ago Brian’s family took us up to this special place and, when the opportunity came again, we jumped on it. Brian’s sister, Megan, and her husband, Ben, joined us at the lake house as well. We spent the week relaxing, enjoying the […]

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What Makes Up Montreal

On our way through Canada to get to Maine we were able to spend some time in Montreal. We only had one day there, so we decided to explore some of the local food scene, visiting a locally beloved bagel shop and the large markets of Petite Italy. We made our way up the hillside […]

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A Superior Site

The Pictured Rocks were recommended to us by our Uncle Lawry, whose well-traveled advice we follow whenever possible, so off we went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We camped at 12 mile beach, which is a campground just North of where the large cliffs start their rapid rise straight up into the sky from […]

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Enlightened Hospitality 101

Growing up in my house no one was ever left hungry. We always had a house full of food and the kitchen was–and is to this day–the center of the house. It wasn’t just my home either, it was my aunts’, uncle’, and grandparents’ houses too. At breakfast, we would sit together over anything from eggs […]

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WD-50: More than Molecular

Molecular gastronomy is the term commonly used to describe the food at WD-50 and other restaurants who use cutting edge techniques and ingredients combined with creative ideas to achieve flavors and textures of food that would otherwise not be possible. WD-50 in New York City is undoubtedly a leader in this field, but, during our […]

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