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Holiday Feastivities

Amanda and I spent this holiday in Ohio, and we weren’t the only ones!  My parents had a total of 12 adults and 1 baby over for the holidays, and we were there to have a great time and help cook several meals for all. Family and food are the two main factors when it […]

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Memphis: Now Serving Hospitality

Memphis, Tennessee may be full of the blues but its uplifting deliveries of hospitality stole the show. At Huey’s restaurant and Spaghetti Warehouse we received care and enthusiasm from the wait staff that many restaurants are missing. When we find hospitality gems like these I like to share them because even though the food is […]

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Cast Away, On Put in Bay

What could be better than driving a golf cart around a beautiful island in the middle of summer?  Driving a golf cart around a beautiful island in the middle of summer drinking wine, that’s what! Ok, we were not actually drinking wine while driving the cart–we didn’t have to!  On South Bass Island, Ohio on […]

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Let’s Go to Mr. Freeze!

“Let’s go to Mr. Freeze!”  I have been saying these words for as long as I can remember.  This has always been a difficult proposition for my parents to disagree with because they love the wonderful soft serve cones, shakes, and sundaes as much as I always have. On a hot summer night, you can […]

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Hippie Town Ohio

“This place has true beauty, and I am from Montana, so I know what beauty is,” said a woman who was hiking with her young son in Glen Helen Park in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  We waited for her to pass as she stepped off a wooden bridge spanning a rocky stream that twisted around overgrown […]

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The Backyard in Columbus

Having a home-cooked meal on the road can be a treat. While visiting Aunt Susie and Uncle John in Columbus, Ohio Brian and I were able to cook for them. We took advantage of the sunshine and used the backyard to grill up a great meal together. Sharing food and a dining experience with friends […]

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A Restaurant in Columbus, Among Us

Columbus, Ohio is a city of large, fast-paced chain restaurants.  I had the pleasure of “cutting my teeth” at the Columbus Fish Market as a first job after high school. I was often in over my head as I worked the sauté station, helping to churn out 400 plus covers a night. We knew of […]

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