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Brunch at the Pearl Cafe

One of life’s better experiences is brunch at the Pearl Cafe on Canada’s Prince Edward Island. On this lush and green island every turn in the road shows off another beautiful field, ocean beach or scenic inlet. But it’s not just the views which are attractive, one secret to great dining on PEI is that […]

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The Pearl Café Ranked #1 on Prince Edward Island

The Pearl Café has been named the best restaurant on Canada’s Prince Edward Island by the Guardian newspaper. “Bringing a remarkable level of culinary creativity to The Pearl’s magical hospitality has created an absolutely superb restaurant. I honestly feel it’s a clear No. 1 in the province this summer,” said restaurant reviewer Bob Gray. The […]

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An Ode to Prince Edward Island

For our final meal on Prince Edward Island we decided to pay tribute to some of the island’s amazing ingredients.  Simple potatoes are elevated by creating fluffy pillows of gnocchi.  In another dish, potatoes become infused with the heady aroma of seared island lamb steaks marinated with wild lavender.  In our version of summer succotash, […]

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The Pearl

I eat and work to learn, and the more experience I have with receiving hospitality the better I will be at delivering it. On Prince Edward Island I had the chance to eat and work at The Pearl, an institute defined by its hospitality. Colorful art and design set the tone for this gem of […]

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Dueling Breads, Gardens, and Chowders

Freshly baked bread, farm-fresh ingredients, amazing seafood chowder: these are all things that fine restaurants on Prince Edward Island are passionate about.  The Shipwrights and The Dunes are two of the lovely restaurants we went to with our Aunt Karen and Uncle Stephen, and each one had unique ways of expressing each of these passions. […]

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In The Moooooood for Ice Cream

In the summer nothing can be better then good, cold, ice cream. We were not the only ones that thought so as we stood in the long line at Cows Creamery on Prince Edwards Island. Even though Cows Creamery is a bit of a tourist attraction these days it is a big part of the […]

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Sea Food, and Eat It!

Beautiful North Rustico Harbor in Prince Edward Island (PEI) has long been home to a thriving lobster industry; Amanda and I were lucky to call this place home for one magical week. Lobster boats line the harbor shore, each one with a corresponding shack.  Lobster traps are neatly stacked on the docks in the wake […]

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Raspberry Point Oysters

On the Northern coast of Prince Edward Island (PEI), the hills are covered in a patchwork of bushy green potato plants sprouting their white flowers alternating with squares of brilliant golden fields of swaying canola.  We drove on Route 6 over Stanley Bridge spanning an inlet of the Stanley River off of the New London […]

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