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It Starts Young, Cooking With Kids

During our stay in Chapel Hill, North Carolina Brian and I offered to make dinner. When my young cousin Sofia, 5, and younger brother Jackson,2, announced that she wanted to help Brian and I make dinner for her family we immediately accepted the help and got a stool! I was always welcomed as a child to […]

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Sea Food, and Eat It!

Beautiful North Rustico Harbor in Prince Edward Island (PEI) has long been home to a thriving lobster industry; Amanda and I were lucky to call this place home for one magical week. Lobster boats line the harbor shore, each one with a corresponding shack.  Lobster traps are neatly stacked on the docks in the wake […]

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Fresh From the Urban Garden

We were thrilled to be staying with our cousins, Christy and Brian, after their lovely wedding in Minneapolis, Minnesota especially because they have an incredible backyard garden! With their bountiful harvests, they are always looking for ways to utilize their delicious fresh fruit and vegetables. This is especially apparent since many of their wedding presents […]

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Thrills in Hocking Hills

Being an Eagle Scout, I have had some truly wondrous encounters with nature, as well as many experiences with camp food, not all of which have been great!  On long hiking or canoeing trips  into remote locations  the scenes of nature could be stunning, but the freeze dried food left my friends and I dreaming […]

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What’s Good About Meatloaf?

This American classic has unfortunately suffered from versions which may evoke memories that are less than desirable for the discerning cook. A good meatloaf will be still juicy when cooked, pleasantly textured, and well seasoned.  It is served well hot from the oven with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables, and is equally as good the next day […]

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