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Brunch at the Pearl Cafe

One of life’s better experiences is brunch at the Pearl Cafe on Canada’s Prince Edward Island. On this lush and green island every turn in the road shows off another beautiful field, ocean beach or scenic inlet. But it’s not just the views which are attractive, one secret to great dining on PEI is that […]

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We Came, We Saw, We Crossed the Line

There is a restaurant in Montreal, Quebec that has earned a reputation for itself.  It needs no sign to draw people in, and the food it serves has stunned and inspired a generation of chefs by breaking all the rules of discretion, embracing extreme culinary excess, and creating a menu full of unique signature dishes […]

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A Restaurant in Columbus, Among Us

Columbus, Ohio is a city of large, fast-paced chain restaurants.  I had the pleasure of “cutting my teeth” at the Columbus Fish Market as a first job after high school. I was often in over my head as I worked the sauté station, helping to churn out 400 plus covers a night. We knew of […]

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