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Our First Tapa-The Original Pincho

Our first Tapa, according to the locals of San Sebastian Spain was the first original prototype for all other tapas to follow.   It helped to create a new way to dine-the culture of standing and snacking while drinking and meeting with friends and loved ones.  This is a tradition that is alive and well today. […]

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Father-Son Grill Team

During our stay in Michigan, we had two fantastic dinners cooked on the grill.  The first meal emerged from the heat of our Uncle Lawry’s grill in Ann Arbor and the second meal came from his son (our cousin) Johnny’s grill in Detroit.  We enjoyed spending some quality back-porch time with these two accomplished grillers […]

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Mancy’s Toledo

“Once places like this are gone, there is no replacing them.” said my mom after another memorable meal at Mancy’s steakhouse in Toledo, Ohio. Classic restaurants such as this truly are irreplaceable and have become fixtures in the community by offering simple, well prepared food with great service and atmosphere. Stained glass, portraits of lounging […]

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