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Under the World: Carlsbad Cavern National Park

Under the the earth’s crust lies a completely different world!  Water boils underneath Yellowstone, lava flows beneath mountains, water shifts and flows creating caves, sulfuric acid wears at limestone, and the caverns that the water has long ago left are up for exploration! At Carlsbad Cavern Nation Park in New Mexico we had the chance […]

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Waking Up in the Guadaloupe Mountains

Even as an avid camper, I have never much enjoyed setting up camp in the dark.  However, when pitching a tent and cooking dinner after nightfall there is one thing that never fails to amaze me – waking up in the morning and seeing my surroundings for the first time. As Amanda and my adventure […]

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McKinney Falls: What Lays Beyond Austin

A natural wonder sits just outside of downtown Austin. McKinney Falls State Park is were we camped while visiting the Texas city. McKinney falls turned out to be amazing place itself. Being able to camp so much along our trip has been great. By camping we have been able to see another side of the […]

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Lone Star Pit BBQ Stands Alone

Every barbeque fanatic has a personal preference about which style, or styles, are the best.  Southerners often favor the type of barbeque he or she grew up eating.  Personally, I come from the barbeque wasteland of Ohio.  While many of us Northerners missed out on growing up with a strong and specific barbeque culture, those […]

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Big Bar-B-Q in Hill Country

Everything is bigger in Texas.  This, of course, includes flavor! While driving through Texas we made a stop at Hard Eight Pit Bar-B-Q to get our first taste of real Texas ‘que.  We dined with the locals and had an experience that can only truly be found in the Texas Hill Country. We had tried […]

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Texas Offers a Fresh Look at Tex-Mex

It’s hard to get real Mexican food most palaces in the United States.  In fact, many Americans would be surprised to hear that the cheesy burrito fare that is served by Mexican restaurants across the country not real Mexican food at all!  Most of the Mexican food served in the U.S. would be considered Tex-Mex. […]

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Music for the Soul at The Parish in Austin

Austin Texas is supposed to be home of some of the best music and music venues around, so we had to see for ourselves if we could find an authentic Austin experience. We were told to check out 6th St. for music by our camp ground host. 6th street was full of local college students […]

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