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Reliving in Williamsburg

Have you ever wondered how guns were built for solders in the revolutionary war? How about how wool and cotton got turned into a usable product before we had machines to do it? Maybe building a house before electric saws? Well you can see it happening firsthand every day in Colonial Williamsburg! Brian and I […]

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An American Ham

How did people preserve meat before the days of refrigeration?  They salted it, dried it, and smoked it!  In America we still keep a few “leftovers” from the old days of salted meat in our fridges today.  One of these everyday salted meats is bacon and another is country ham, the best known of which […]

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Remembering Richmond

The Richmond, Virginia’s web site said it right, this city is “easy to love”!  As the second English settlement in the country, Richmond is packed with a rich history that has helped to define our country. We gave ourselves just one day to take in Richmond, but with the help from my resident cousin Ran […]

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Hikes and “Yikes Its a Bear!” at Shenandoah National Park

After having been on the road for several months and camping much of the time we were very excited to visit our first National Park.  From the fertile plains of the Shenandoah Valley between two mountain ranges we drove up to the ridge of the eastern mountain range to Skyline Drive, the main road running […]

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Charmed by Virginia

Before traveling in Virginia I never expected much from it, but while experiencing this grand old state I began to fall in love with the rich history, the beautiful landscapes, and the wonderful food there.  On one particular stretch of road that delivered us to the restaurant Trummers on Main in the town of Clifton, […]

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