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Taste The Coast: In-N-Out Burger

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Living on the East Coast I’ve always heard of the famous west coast In-N-Out burgers. There is always so much hype about the food being so fresh and just plain better then anything that can be found on the East or in the Midwest.

I never paid these claims much attention: for one thing, we have great burgers at Five Guys here on the East and also for the fact that I tend not to eat much in the way of burgers anyways.

Yet when we found ourselves on the West cost we decide we have to give In-N-Out Burger a try!  While we were staying in the Livermore Valley in California our friend Erin made sure we got our taste.

The red and white tiled dinning room was full of local teens; bringing back the nostalgic feeling of a true burger hang out, like in the movies. This is something I don’t think you will find at other fast food places on a Friday night.

Our order was wrapped up tightly in paper and arranged neatly in a cardboard box.

The burgers were on slightly sweet buns that tasted of toasted butter with a little chewy texture and the middle side crisp from the griddle.

The burger was a thin little patty hot off the flattop.  The beef was cooked to well done yet filled with juice and flavor– it was really good!  And yes, it was better then your everyday fast food restaurant anywhere else in the country.

Covered with a slice of bright cheddar cheese that had a nice balance of being melted yet not runny. This was all topped with mayonnaise, crisp lettuce, raw onion, and a big slice of tomato.

Even more than the burger, I liked the thin-cut fries–so salty and fresh! I liked the texture of the fries because they had a nice crust yet they were still soft in the middle and not filled with an oily flavor.

Our friend Erin made sure that we each tried a shake. We both got strawberry–this was the perfect addition to our big dinner.

So, my over all impression of In-N-Out Burger? Well, I think west coasters have the right to be proud.  When In and Out Burger started it was one of a kind, really breaking away from other fast food restaurants of the time.

Now, though, a good patty burger and fries can just as easily be found on the East too! New York has the Shake Shack and quickly spreading is my personal favorite: Five Guys.

It was great to get a taste of the loyally loved burger joint. Next time I find myself on this side of the country I will definitely have another taste of In-N-Out Burger!

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  1. Love hearing your take on this CA favorite. I do remember enjoying In-N-Out when we visited CA, but I wasn’t as impressed the one time I tried it here in Tucson. Maybe because the burger was cold by the time I got to eat it. Can you believe that when they opened one here people waited for hours in the drive through?

    We now have Five Guys here too, but I haven’t tried them yet. Should I?

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