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The past 4 years…

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Wow, since we last updated Chefs on the Road we have traveled to Europe; helped make The Pearl Cafe in North Rustico on Prince Edwards Island into the best restaurant in the Province; plus, we moved to New Orleans where we spent four years training, learning all things pig, helping to earn James Beard Awards, got married, ate, drank, and enjoyed all things NOLA. Now we have taken the summer to decompress and plan our three-month trip across Asia! Whew!

Having enjoyed our journey so far, we hope to help catch up on our blog and not fall too far behind again through our culinary and life jouneys. Oh, also in PEI we picked up our dog, Jackson!

To top it all off, we are considering our next move when we return from Asia in December, and we have our sights set on opening our own restaurant business. The big question is where? Our summer travels have gotten us thinking about some places around the Midwest and Mid-South, but we still have hopes for taking the teardrop trailer we built before leaving New Orleans out west for more learning opportunities/research for possible places to live. Rule out big established cities. We are looking for smaller and/or upcoming markets to grow with and offer what we have to bring the the table (pun intended) to growing markets!

Jackson PEIThanks for your support along the way, and maybe we can find more time to write between eating, traveling and cooking!

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  1. I am so excited to read of your next adventures!

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